CZ korektura


  1. ORDER
  2. Documents intended for the proofreading are sent by the customer via e-mail, in case of a larger file the document is to be sent via a disposal site. You can send your text, price offer and deadline via e-mail. Afterwards, you receive an answer and/or confirmation. If you agree with the offer, you will get the proofread text back within the agreed date.

  4. The price of the contract is derived from the type of the proofreading and the delivery date. The final price is subject to the treaty with the customer. The customer receives an invoice together with the proofread document. In case of a higher number of smaller orders, the invoice is issued by the end of a month, usually the last working day. The invoice is due 14 days after issuing. Penalty for a late payment is 0.05% for each day of the delay.

  6. The proofreading of text documents is realized directly in the text by correcting the text. The carried out corrections can be viewed by the customer with the help of the changes following function of the text editor. The proofreading of the PDF documents is realized by mistake emphasizing and by suggested corrections in the comments.

  8. Proofreadings of EXPRES type of up to 20 standard pages can be delivered within the next working day. In other cases, the customer will be notified of the delivery date by e-mail as fast as possible.

  10. All proofread texts are considered confidential, we honour the privacy of our customers.

  12. Contractor always assumes that the copyrights of the supplied text are owned by the contracting authority (client), and is not responsible for any violation of copyrights of third parties.

  14. A completed contract is considered defective if it wasn't produced with the appropriate grammatical, stylistic or semantic quality. In other cases, it is considered that the contract was properly executed. Claims are made in writing (e-mail). The written complaint must state the reason and describe the nature of the defects. Client underlines or otherwise highlights the errors in the document. If the Contractor considers the claim of the proofreading as justified, he shall fix the text at his own expense within a reasonable time. In the event of a justified complaint the client is entitled to a discount from the contract price. The discount is a subject to agreement between the parties. If the parties disagree, the discount is 10%.

Last modified: May 7, 2012